Seritage Growth Properties Announces Amendment to Senior Secured Term Loan Agreement


Provides Seritage with the ability to prepay the loan and the option to extend the maturity date to July 2025, subject to $800 million in prepayments

NEW YORK, November 29, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Seritage Growth Properties (NYSE: SRG) (the “Company”), a nationwide owner and developer of 170 commercial, residential and mixed-use properties, today announced an amendment to Seritage Growth Properties LP and the Company’s senior secured term agreement (the “Agreement”) with Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance Company of Nebraska for the $1.6 billion term loan facility previously announced on July 31, 2018.

Under the addendum, the companies mutually agreed that the “remedies” provision of the agreement would not apply to prepayments of principal on the term loan facility. In addition, the companies have agreed that, at Seritage’s option, the agreement may be extended for two years from the expiry date of July 31, 2023 (the “Maturity Date”) until July 31, 2025. , provided that the principal of the term loan facility has been reduced to $800 million by the maturity date.

In all other respects, the Agreement remains unchanged.

About Serage Growth Properties

Seritage is primarily engaged in the ownership, development, redevelopment, management and leasing of diversified and mixed-use properties across the United States. As of September 30, 2021, the Company’s portfolio consisted of interests in 170 properties comprising approximately 10.0 million square feet of GLA or custom leased area (approximately 8.0 million shared), of which approximately 4.0 million are held by non-consolidated companies. entities (approximately 2.0 million shared), approximately 600 acres owned or under development and approximately 10.0 million square feet of GLA or approximately 850 acres to be disposed of.

Forward-looking statements

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