Monbat: Announcement regarding a loan agreement from Monbat AD of November 29, 2021


We hereby inform that in accordance with art. 114, paragraph 2 of POSAin the context of a decision of the Board of Directors of Monbat AD for the adoption of a decision to conclude a loan agreement between Monbat AD, in its capacity as Lender, and Prista Invest 2016 AD, in its capacity as Borrower, and as part of a reasoned and reasoned request received from Prista Invest 2016 AD, Monbat AD entered into a loan agreement on November 29, 2021 with the following parameters:

Monbat AD in its capacity as Lender, grants to Prista Invest 2016 AD, in its capacity as Borrower, a cash loan in the amount of EUR 1,081,000 (One million and eighty-one thousand euros);

The Borrower will owe the Lender a remunerative interest at the applicable annual interest rate of 4%;

The borrower owes the repayment of the loan, as well as the remunerative interest due no later than 12.31.2022 (due date).

The granting of a loan of the required amount to Prista Invest 2016 AD is below the threshold of art. 114, s. 1, point 3 in conjunction with art. 114 by. 1, point 1, letter b) and respectively the provision of art. 114, s. 1 and par. 3 of the POSA is not applicable.


Monbat AD published this content on November 29, 2021 and is solely responsible for the information it contains. Distributed by Public, unedited and unmodified, on November 29, 2021 03:40:01 PM UTC.


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