Mayor Binay signs loan agreement for new premier hospital in Makati City – Manila Bulletin


By Khrisciel Yalao

Makati Mayor Abigail “Abby” Binay has signed the 5 billion peso loan and guarantee agreement for the construction of a new premier hospital in Makati City through a joint venture of public-private partnership (PPP) at Manila Peninsula in Makati City on Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2020. 16.

(Screenshot from My Makati Facebook Livestream / MANILA BULLETIN)

The local government of Makati City has coordinated with private institutions and banks such as Life Nurture Incorporated (LNI), GIV Capital Holdings Corporation, Development Bank of the Philippines, Land Bank of the Philippines and Union Bank of the Philippines to finance and support the project.

The new hospital, Makati Life Nurture Medical Center or “MakatiLife,” will be built to provide premium healthcare services to all Makati residents.

“Our residents and other stakeholders will be able to enjoy the best health care without worrying about their finances. As access to quality public health services improves, social inequalities will be reduced in the city,” Binay said.

MakatiLife will house a cancer center, cardiac center and physical rehabilitation medical center.

The Cancer Center will have a linear accelerator for radiation therapy while the Heart Center will have cardiac catheterization labs for angiography, open heart surgery and organ transplantation. The Physical Rehabilitation Medical Center will use robotics in joint and soft tissue treatments.

MakatiLife will also have high quality facilities such as operating theaters that will utilize diagnostic imaging and the operating theater for surgeries.

The new hospital will have improved ventilation and air conditioning systems for a clean environment.

MakatiLife will serve to complement existing medical and health services offered by Ospital ng Makati and other barangay health centers in the city.




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