Loan agreement allows construction of nine bridges



Two major bridges along the Madang-Ramu Expressway, including the only wet crossing along the expressway at the Tapo River, are undergoing a major facelift.

These bridges are three of the nine bridges in the Mamose region currently being built under a loan agreement program.

Madang Construction Manager Henry Rakuasi said as part of a loan agreement program with the European Investment Bank, these bridges were being built to improve service delivery.

Most of these bridges were built years ago and have not been maintained.

With this new loan, bridges can really be improved and built to meet the needs of the traveling public.

“As part of this agreement, we have six bridges in Madang and three in East Sepik province and the bridges are expected to be completed around October next year,” Rakuasi said.

“All of Madang’s bridges are being built by Covert Construction and we hope they will be completed on schedule.”

Most residents of Madang and people who use the highway frequently said that the three bridges being built along the highway were built years ago and that it is time for an upgrade. at the level.

“It is also commendable that after years of living and traveling to and from Madang, we will finally have a bridge built over the Tapo River.

“Sometimes during the rainy season it is difficult to cross, but with this bridge built we are thankful,” said one of the locals, Anton.

“It’s also the same for the other bridges along the highway, bridges are important in the road infrastructure and to see such a huge work on the construction of the bridges, these are developments that we want to see.”

Many people along the route also praised the construction team for the tremendous work that is currently underway.

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