Benin, China sign US $ 40 million loan agreement for additional backbone project


(Agence Ecofin) – Yesterday September 14, 2021, Benin and China signed a concessional loan agreement of nearly US $ 40 million for the implementation of the PDRHD broadband Internet project. The agreement was signed by Foreign Minister Aurélien Agbénonci, representative of Benin (the beneficiary), and Peng Jingtao, Chinese ambassador to Benin.

According to Minister Aurélien Agbénonci, the funds thus released will allow the installation of more than 484.1 kilometers of optical fiber in four departments: Mono, Zou, Collines and Nord.

They will also help build a 204.8-kilometer high-speed metropolitan network covering ten urban areas, including the Fishing Route, the 40-kilometer national road connecting the economic capital Cotonou to the historic city of Ouidah.

The project will also connect the lake areas to the national fiber optic backbone using beam technology to allow everyone access to digital technologies in Benin.“, commented the manager.

The PDRH is a complementary project to the PDI2T launched by the government in 2016 in the telecoms and IT sector. There are no current statistics on the PDI2T but in April 2018, two months before its projected deadline, it was already 83% complete with 67 of the 77 targeted municipalities connected to the national backbone.

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